Who We Are

We fight global toxicity one person at a time. We are medical professionals with decades of clinical and research experience who have taught thousands of health professionals how to successfully do our Five Phase broad spectrum safe and effective natural systemic detox. We do not treat disease. We do treat toxicity. Do we treat cancer? No. We do treat systemic and lifestyle toxicity that may afflict the cancer patient and offer guidelines to stay aware of the idiosyncratic obstacles that may complicate detox in that diagnosis. Do we treat arthritis? No. We take the toxins
out and if there is any trace of the arthritis left after detox we send them back to their MD or other disease specific physician for life enhancing drugs if that’s the best choice. We are part of a team, especially because of the minimal time the busy physician can spend assessing their patient, let alone look for causative toxins. Taking the poisons out of poisoned people is a prerequisite to successful clinical outcomes no matter what the diagnosis or type of treatment. We do not treat any disease, we do treat the toxicity found within any disease diagnosis. We believe that global toxicity is a pernicious force destroying the human race, and we are not alone. While our partners in the fight address carbon emissions, EMR regulations, chemical
emission standards, workplace safety, food safety and drug regulation – we specialize in taking those toxins out of people in the interest of protecting public health while the causes of that toxicity are being dealt with by other members of this global team without walls dedicated to protecting and nourishing life as we know it.

Timothy Ray OMD

LAc: CV 2018

Graduated California Acupuncture College valedictorian ‘81. Passed CA State Board as Licensed Acupuncturist. Doctorate in Oriental Medicine ’83, partially funded by Sun Ten Pharmaceuticals, Taipei. Became Dean of Chinese Herbal Medicine department at the College. State Board Examiner.

Multi modality clinical practice in Santa Monica, California, offering German Biological Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, specializing in HCMMR detox with a strong referral base to a virtual team always including an MD, PhD, OD, DC, DDS and PT. Roughly 120,000 patient visits during that time.

Early 90s-2002
Created Bioray Inc. with Stephanie Ray. All products formulated for patients in my clinical practice and then further enhanced for use by other professionals and eventually retail. Invented NDF and NDF Plus, all Bioray formulas. Left Bioray 2004 and moved to Switzerland.

Published many articles in peer reviewed alternative medical journals ‘Explore for the Professional’, ‘Townsend Letter’, ‘Co-Med’ (Germany). First to alert to dangers of the ‘healing crisis’ during HCMMR (heavy metal, chemical, mycotoxin, microbial and radionuclide) detox and of using live probiotics in early phase of ASD treatment; how to use DMPS safely if required, invented and presented a natural detox alternative that not only work as well as, but better than DMPS proven with pre and post HPLC urine tests.

Attended dozens of seminars in Germany, Canada and the US. Was on the Board of Directors for the OIRF (Occidental Institute Research Foundation in Canada, Dr. W. Sturm presiding, until he died.

Son diagnosed with ASD (Autistic Spectrum) and JME (Juvenile Myoclonal Epilepsy). Spent 4 years 24/7 finding his cure. He’s fine now. As a result invented Five Phase Detox, a HCMMR detox method for the critically ill. Taught to hundreds of doctors.

Founded Viteras GmbH in Switzerland, manufacturer of OEM(i) natural remedies and provider of professional seminars. Partners with Dr. Fiona Dann DC ,MSc Toxicology, in formulations, manufacturing and teaching.

Launched Biologo Detox and participated in the writing of Uwe Karstadt’s book and took part in an extensive tour of german cities to promote the book and product. With Dr Dann, formulated the 15 product Biologo Detox Product line for Synervit/ Biologo Detox company. Engiften Stat Vergiften (detox not re-tox) book co-written with Dr Dann and published in german. Three Vektor Products formulated for sale by Synervit.

Partnership with Metatron Apotheke/ PharmaDirekt, Vienna.
Production: 43 Professional products, many developed with the help of Dr. Dann, available in EU pharmacies, supported by seminars through Austria, Germany, the UK and Switzerland. Specializing in nano emulsions, nano liposomals, ultra ferments, isopathics (per Enderlein), spagyric type tinctures, extracts, photonics, essences and ultra fast targeted delivery systems. Products are formulated using pre and post human urine and saliva specimens analyzed by VTA to determine exact metabolic impact.

Pro Seminars: Basic and Advanced instruction in Five Phase Detox and Terrain Management at Metatron Apotheke, Vienna, last 10 years, with Dr. Dann. This work is taught as an enhancement to any primary care practice, and we are very glad to see professionals from all specialties at our seminars. There are now professionals making this work their specialty and we have begun offering a proficiency exam and certification.

Completed software interface for a Metabolic and Terrain Management system combining the works of Vincent, Reams, Klinghardt, Schimmel, TCM, and others using a 7 minute in-office lab test. Taught the method to hundreds of doctors with Dr. Dann. The method creates vastly improved clinical outcomes in the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases. Name BTM stolen, had to change to VTA (Vital Terrain Analysis(ii)).

Diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung, inopearable, chemo and radiation ruled out, sent home by the NHS to die. Used natural methods to shrink the tumor by 35% in 2 weeks, which then became operable in Switzerland. No chemo or radiation, used natural versions. One year follow up CT and PET: all clear, O2 diffusion capability improved 20%.

First retail product ‘SHIELD’ launched in pharmacies throughout Austria(iii). Binds HCMMR toxins in the blood and lymph within a minute, multiple uses including daily protection from environmental toxins.

Invented the OneDrop delivery system for use with natural ingredients. Shortens impact delivery from ingestibles (pills, oils, tinctures, etc) from hours to minutes. Reduces the amount of active ingredient required to produce the same therapeutic impact. This coupled with increased bioavailability during the extration phases produces a very effective natural medicine. When synchronized with Terrain specific growing methods, it’s fairly close the what’s called magic.

The Future.
…….busy working on it(iv)….

(i) See Biologo at https://www.ll-euro.com/produkte/biologo-produktlinie/ and some of their Vektor products.
(ii) See vta.docx
(iii) See http://toxfree.at
(iv) Anti viral for COPD, ‘Black Box’ for automatic urine and saliva lab analysis, retail detox line and web support, online Seminars, SIDS pre detection with VTA, neurogenesis support post stroke and dementia care, Charitable Foundation for Children with Neurological Damage from Toxicity, free online ‘food as medicine’ VTA vector tool for poor people or where self care is illegal. Mitochondrial support Etc.

Fiona Dann Ray

Fi graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in 2002, with an MSc in Chiropractic and a first class honours degree in Human Sciences with Chiropractic. She practised as a chiropractor for over 5 years as well as doing many postgraduate courses in Applied Kinesiology, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Bowen Technique, Biological Medicine, Neurological Integration Systems and Vital Terrain Analysis (based on the work of Reams and Vincent), which she has also taught. Dr Dann Ray obtained an MSc degree in Applied Toxicology and was awarded a Distinction – the highest grade awarded, in 2014.

During her time in practice she became aware of the role of Heavy Metal, Chemical and Fungal toxicity in illness and injury and began to research the topic extensively. Dr Dann Ray has studied with and worked alongside Dr Ray for 15 years, in research, product development, support and teaching. She has run Viteras’s Seminars for the last 10 years.