Viteras is Internationally recognized as a trusted, long standing and leading-edge innovator in the field of natural formulations and clinical management protocols that assist with the safe and effective removal of systemic toxicity. Chronic multi-toxin exposure and insidious intoxication are an inevitable consequence of modern life. The toxic synergy between Heavy metals, Chemicals, Mycotoxins, Microbial toxins and Radionuclides (HCMMR) is established as exponentially more catastrophic to health than heavy metal toxicity alone[1], therefore all of those toxins must be removed safely and effectively to achieve a clinically significant detoxification. It is not relevant to only remove the heavy metals (with DMPS, DMSA, EDTA, etc.) and call it a ‘detox’.

Five Phase Detox

We formulate and manufacture the V*tera Professional Line of products for Five Phase Detox®, a method that assists the body’s natural gradient system in expelling toxins. We use pure and proprietary ultra micronised, cold processed chlorella vulgaris as a vital component of the Five Phase Detox Process. Protocol rationales and patient management issues are addressed during our Professional Seminars, sponsored by Metatron Apoteke in Vienna. The full V*tera line and Test Kit are now available from the Metatron Apotheke web store. All V*tera products are manufactured in Switzerland. 

Our Original and Proprietary Formulas and Processing

…have been used safely and effectively by thousands of professional health care practitioners including MDs, Oncologists, Psychiatrists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Biological Dentists, Naturopaths, Physical Therapists and their patients worldwide for over 25 years. 


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